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Three-Minute Mindfulness Techniques for Ambitious Career Women

Mindfulness is the ability to get out of your mind and into your LIFE. When we go through our day with the mind of a zoo, we are not really experiencing life. When we approach each day as a barrage of objectives to meet and chores to complete, we are not operating out of a place of abundance, love or gratitude. And we can’t be our most creative. In a world where people are busier than ever, it’s important that we be more "present" than ever! Many of us know the importance of mindfulness, but how do we practice it? Here are three mindfulness techniques you can do on even the busiest of days.

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Meditative Journaling

Have you ever noticed that your first waking moments are usually your most peaceful? Science backs this up. Our purest thoughts lie in those first impressionable minutes, and what we do with them can set the tone for the rest of the day. Nourish and capture them before the "reality" of your mental to-do list rushes in.

Try starting a daily Gratitude Journal - Take a few minutes and jot down what you’re grateful for in this present moment. Set a timer and write as many "gratitudes" as you can! Be specific. (Being “grateful for your life” or “grateful for your bed” is too vague.) The more specific your writing, the more enlightening this mindfulness exercise will be. Steer your thoughts toward abundance and away from lack and inadequacy.

Alternatively, let loose in a Stream of Conscious Journal - Mindfulness is all about being aligned with who you are in the present moment. Some of us want to write down our thoughts but we don’t know where to begin. Start from a raw stream of consciousness, scribbling down your feelings right now in this moment. Next, write what you want your thoughts and emotions to look like. The goal here is to acknowledge your current mental state while envisioning and articulating where you want to be. Think of this exercise as your personal check-in. Before checking Facebook or reading emails before you rouse yourself from bed, check in with yourself. If you're running late getting into the office and can't immediately fit this in, tuck your journal (and your pen) in your pocket and “recalibrate” during your lunch hour. There's always time to scribble something down.

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Setting a Daily Intention or Daily Prayer

Intentions set your internal compass for the day and force you to look at things from a broader perspective. Goals are important, but they are different from intentions. Imagine that you work in wholesale retail. You might set an objective monthly goal of landing five new accounts, but your "big picture" subjective intention is to be a trustworthy and honest salesperson no matter how many accounts you land.

See the difference?

Intentions define your character and the person you want to be, while goals define your external achievements. Setting daily, weekly, or quarterly intentions will help keep you mindful of your values no matter your circumstances.

Irena Konsur, Photographer

Body Scan

It is not uncommon for us to go through an entire day entirely oblivious to, or consciously ignoring, our bodily sensations. That tension in your chest is your body’s way of communicating with you! Listen up!

This is a great exercise to get you out of your head and into your body! Try it in your office before an important meeting or during your bathroom breaks.

Our careers are holistic experiences. Success is more than simply a list of accomplishments, social connections, professional networks, and appearances. Get healthy. Feel fulfilled. Be open to change. Learn something new. Forgive, accept, and love the person you are as well as the person you are hoping to become.

We hope these mindfulness techniques facilitate a more balanced work life as you become more attuned to yourself and others.

Which mindfulness techniques will you try?

...because you're worth at least a minute of your time ...