The Three Best Places for Afternoon Tea in London

Planning a visit to London? Afternoon tea is the quintessential English tradition, and it’s something you must experience when visiting the United Kingdom! Today, there are many variations of this refined treat. Here is our list of the three best places for afternoon tea in London!


Classic Afternoon Tea at the Ritz

If you’re craving regal ambiance-- afternoon tea at the Ritz (photo above) is a must! This poshest of venues has been serving tea since 1906 in its extravagant Palm Court. Given the plush seating, high ceilings, and lavish décor, guests are expected to dress for the occasion. No denim or sportswear is permitted, and men must wear a jacket. If the palm tree-adorned dining room isn’t enough, there’s a piano and harp ensemble to top it all off!

The Ritz serves 18 variations of loose-leaf tea, along with an array of scones, sandwiches, pastries, and teacakes. Traditional afternoon tea starts at £52, and guests can upgrade to the Champagne Afternoon Tea for £77. If you want to dress up and feel like royalty for a day, the Ritz is a stellar option!


Afternoon Tea at the Cookery School London

Do you love to cook and learn about new cuisines?

If you want to leave afternoon tea with a couple tricks up your sleeve, then the Cookery School is perfect for you. Cookery School attendees learn to create what they eat, and the menu is quite comprehensive!

In a three-hour session, you will learn to make classic British tea sandwiches, finger bread rolls, and savory cheese and herb scones! Recipes for traditional scones with homemade fruit jam and clotted cream are also on the agenda. For dessert, you’ll bake up traditional lemon curd tarts and Devonshire cream cake.

At the end of the class, your creations are presented to you on a tea stand along with Cornish tea and English sparkling wine. This is an experience you won’t forget! Cost is £125 per person. Watch a video here to get a feel for the class.


Prêt-à-Portea at the Berkeley Hotel

Where are the fashionistas??

Why, at Prêt-à-Portea, of course, where pastry chefs blend the worlds of food and fashion! Here, teas are masterfully brewed and served with tasty skewers, savory hors d'œuvres, and assorted tea sandwiches.

But the desserts are the true highlight! Presented with a catalog of designers' inspirations, each pastry is creatively assembled to resemble the latest catwalk trends, and the menu gets upgraded after every fashion week.

Afternoon Tea at Prêt-à-Portea is priced at £60 per person and £70 for the upgraded Champagne edition!


At least once in your life, treat yourself to the luxury of British afternoon tea. Don your best manners, bring along one of our vintage-inspired trench coats, and get ready for the compliments on your great style!

Far from London? Start your own tea tradition right where you are. Invite a friend over for tea (coffee, cake, biscuits, sandwiches, whatever!) on a Sunday afternoon. Doesn't have to be fancy. Make it vegan, if you want. Make it any way you want. Just enjoy the refreshing ritual that forces us to slow down and foster real connection in this fast-paced and digitally-driven world.