5 Wardrobe Staples for the “Eclectic” Girl Boss

An eclectic girl boss is a nonconformist. She's undefined and free-spirited in both her career choices and her personal style. This woman marches to the beat of her own drum. Much like our designer, she’s cultured, sophisticated and well-traveled. She carries herself like a true B-O-S-S, but not in the traditional sense. Her wardrobe is a mash-up of references, with each piece inspired by a different era and culture. She avoids aesthetic clichés like “boho-chic” or “preppy.” Her style is simply her own. No description is necessary. Her five wardrobe staples consist of…


A Great Blazer!

This woman’s wardrobe staples make an IMPACT. She’s not the Plain Jane, “I-own-a-couple-of-statement-pieces-here-and-there” kind of woman. All of her clothing has character, and that starts with a great blazer! Whether solid, striped, or color-blocked, her blazer doesn’t just complete her look, it upgrades it! Typical women go for solid color blazers, but an eclectic woman likes blazers with SPUNK.


A Snazzy Silk Blouse!

While others tend to play it safe with blouses, the eclectic girl boss goes for something a little unexpected. She'll happily pair yellow trousers with a hunter green jacket and a bold earring, then tie it all together with a multi-colored blouse! In a sea of black, navy, and cream-colored blouses, a whimsical print blouse is refreshingly charming. For added eccentricity, try mixing different prints in the same outfit.

Awesome Trousers!

Skirts and dresses aren’t always lax enough for this productive businesswoman, which is why her wardrobe always includes impeccable trousers in solids, plaids -- and even a wild polka dot. Bold trousers are great for the days when she wants to throw on a cozy pull-over and still look stylish.

Bold Accessories!

The eclectic type is never shy in this area. Bold headwraps, LARGE sunglasses, "statement" jewelry, and designer bags are all wardrobe statements for this boss lady. Her well-considered and high-quality accessories pull her look together even on weekends. (Chokers, drop earrings, and glam vintage scarves are some of my favorite trending accessories.)

A Flawless Overcoat!

Last but not least, an “eclectic girl boss” must have her signature coat! Whether solid, plaid, fur, wool, leather, "vegan," or suede, a great coat is a modern-day POWERSUIT and it can make a profound first impression. The best coats are flattering and tailored --much like the vintage-style trench coats found in our store. Let your outerwear enunciate your bold femininity!

What are some of your eclectic wardrobe staples?