Irena Konsur, Photographer

Hiya! Welcome! Glad you're here!

I'm Carla, the British-American designer behind CBoss Coats.

A few years ago, while planning a holiday in Montreal, I became disillusioned with oversized outerwear styles and decided to take a stab at designing my own trench coat. I wanted one that was tailored, water-resistant, and, well...sexy. Also, because I'm nearly six feet tall, my design would have to fully accommodate my lanky arms. And, because I love to read and don't always want to carry a handbag, the coat would have to have luxuriously deep pockets.

And voila! It is now more than a mere idea. Inspired by Oscar de La Renta’s full-skirted dresses, Christian Dior’s princess coats, and vintage patterns from the 1940s and '50s, I have considered every detail of this CBoss Coat. You will be happy to learn that the pockets are indeed deep enough for a standard paperback book.

My Mum (Trinidadian born and bred) taught me how to sew when I was quite young. Her name's May. The CBoss signature trench is named after her.

My London Street Style is an amalgam of old and new, bold and muted, patterned and plain, fanciful and serious. Whether on the lush grounds of London's Holland Park (pictured above) or in a crowded Moroccan Souk, I truly find design inspiration nearly everywhere I go.

It's been quite a journey to get to this point. Much is possible in this world. And we are all connected, no matter how near or far apart we are. Journey on with me.

Drop me a line at the below email address, and I'll be sure to put you on our VIP list for free Style Guides, shipping discounts, and other special offers as they arise. Looking forward to meeting you! Cheers!